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Things that make you feel old #1…

Things that make you feel old #1…

roll the dice has photoshopped an image of ye olde Thames TV logo to show how it would look for today’s London:

Thames TV`logo by roll the dice.

As a kid in 1980s mid-Wales, I would look excitedly every time that logo appeared, because it meant LONDON! COOL STUFF! AND GREAT TELEVISION! Well, The Goodies in their declining years… or Dempsey and Makepeace… and you don’t want to know the amount of internal yay that happened in my head every time the London Weekend Television ident appeared…

Of course, now it’s different. Almost all the ITV companies have amalgamated into one meaningless whole – and more importantly, there’s pretty much nothing worth watching on ITV these days. But those were the days, aye…

Things I have learnt from two nights of American television

Things I have learnt from two nights of American television

– One in five Americans has genital herpes. But you can buy a medication to slow it BUT THERE IS NO CURE. Da-da-da-daaaaaa
– People ought to vote for or against some kind of option 6 in Ohio about casinos
– If you’re going to vote for some kind of senior lawyer, know that he LET CRIMINALS LOOSE
– If you’re going to vote for a certain Ohio state representative, know that HE HANGS AROUND WITH CORRUPT PEOPLE
– Obama and McCain commericals say things about each other, but never about themselves
– If I use an American Express card, I am a CREATOR!
– What Americans really want to watch Saturday night is celebrities learning to do the model catwalk. I smell a British TV reality show coming up…

And just because I’ve sat through 120 minutes of Knight Rider 2008…

– Knight Rider 2008 is obsessed with foreigners doing anti-American things using American technology on American soil. And girls in bikinis. Fortunately, a multi-ethnic cast of Latinos, Asians and middle-class white men with gadgets are there to stop them.
– In Knight Rider 2008, people also enact high-speed car chases while simultaneously maintaining televideo contact, moving graphical windows around with their fingers and watching girls in bikinis
– Chinese Americans are obsessed with fast cars, and fast rap music. Well, I guess it beats the British version where we’re just obsessed with kung fu.
– To be fair, Knight Rider 2008 is also obsessed with American super-spies being naughty and secret and wiping soldier’s memories. And if you can’t trust your superior officers, who can you trust?
– Not your contact on the inside, because he turns out to just be interested in the money. And you can’t get more American than that.
– Unless of course you are a hot girl in a bikini, because you can always trust a hot girl in a bikini.
– Especially when she’s a hot geek Chinese girl in a tanktop making snide remarks at geeks who lust after them.
– Who the hell decided that a Ford Mustang could replace a Trans-Am and that NOBODY WOULD NOTICE?

Having said that, it’s an interesting way of trying to relaunch a TV series without changing a *single* thing about it, aside from the technology.

What Has the BBC Ever Given Us?

What Has the BBC Ever Given Us?

For those of us who thought the BBC’s mammoth selfmarketing campaigns were one of the symptions of modern marketing excess, a trawl on the Internet has turned up this John Cleese-presented advertisment on What Has the BBC Ever Given Us?. And it being the BBC, Spitting Image have the right of rebuttal

Hark back to a golden age when the licence fee was only £55, alternative comedy was cool enough to be mentioned on mainstream television (albeit from the toilet) – and more importantly, pubs weren’t decked out in steel chrome.

For all us TV archivists, can you tell me what year this was from? Bob Geldof witters on about Live Aid, so it’s certainly post 1985…

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