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Never order from Zoombits

Never order from Zoombits

On the 5th September, I placed an order for 2 USB memory sticks from Zoombits. A simple order that anybody could fulfil, right?

Nope. It’s the 16th, the sticks haven’t arrived and I need them this weekend!

So I ask Zoombits what they’re going to do about it. Absolutely nothing – their terms and conditions apparently state that I have to wait 15 working days before they can issue a refund. Or even give me some new sticks.

Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Bloody stupid fuel protestors

Bloody stupid fuel protestors

Kill for Fuel

Originally uploaded by Paul Hudson

Yet again, Britain’s lorry drivers are reacting to the rise in fuel-prices by launching a demonstration across London and disrupting traffic everywhere.

While I applaud and support their right to protest, their Canute-like stance against rising fuel prices (“cut the tax! It’s making us uncompetitive!”) doesn’t exactly address the reasons behind the tax rises. Sure, part of it is about raising money for the evil government – but part of it’s also about trying to encourage people not to drive so much.

What happens when petrol goes above £2 a litre? £5 a litre? That future isn’t that far away – and the more these lorry drivers try to deny the future and think about the present, the worse the problem gets. Find other ways of transporting, cut down on your costs. Or wait till the government nationalise your industry, if it is so important to the logistics of the country (which it undoubtedly is)

For these reasons, all these fuel protestors make THE LIST.

My BT battles…

My BT battles…

The move down from Manchester to London went off relatively smoothly thanks to help from a lot of friends of mine (THANK YOU!), and two men from Zimbabwe with a van. Although being trapped for two hours in a white Transit van navigating the motorways of this great nation listening to African gospel music is a tad surreal. Although it definitely beats listening to American gospel music for an hour afterwards.

The only major hitch and hurdle so far has been with my broadband supply. A week after I’ve moved in, and three weeks after I told BT that I wanted broadband in my new place, they have singularly failed to supply it, citing all sorts of daft problems, including:
– telling me that I was a business customer and would have to call a totally different helpline
– sending me an email to announce that I was now connected to broadband. Except, how would I be able to check my email without broadband access?

Until recently, I’d always recommended BT to anyone who asked, simply because the service seemed rocket-proof. Not any more.

You’d think it wouldn’t be hard to supply a broadband service to a flat that had had it the week before from the previous tenant, but apparently it’s beyond the realms of science to begin with. Not to mention they’d also managed to switch my phone off at some point! For this reason alone, BT make THE LIST.

So, alas, blog/email semi-silence will have to carry on until I get my broadband back. Not that I’m addicted or anything, oh no. I could give up any time… anytime…

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