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When blog posts come back to haunt you…

When blog posts come back to haunt you…

It’s Saturday night, Miss R and I have been having a civilised and wild night out in Manchester to celebrate our first-year anniversary.

By now, we’ve dined, wined, cocktailed and danced the night away (in the process making me feel very old indeed). It’s 12.30am when I gratefully clamber into a taxi, and start to slowly realise just how mischievous Miss R can be.

During the taxi ride home, Miss R tells the taxi driver about my blog, and in particular my wonderment as to why we tip taxi drivers.

I briefly panic, having drunken visions of us being turfed out of a taxi and left to the whims of Manchester – fortunately, the taxi driver is made of sterner stuff, and turns out to be a genial kind of chap. Which you’d have to be, if you’re picking up drunk/merry people in Manchester at 12.30am. And he talks about how he never expects a tip, but he’s grateful for getting one.

Which of course means that when we do leave the taxi, I have to leave a tip. Natch.

Why do we tip taxi drivers?

Why do we tip taxi drivers?

Taxi drivers are paid to get us to our destination in a professional manner. Once they’ve done that, why on earth should we give them extra money for that privilege?

There’s a simple reason to tip bar and restaurant staff – they earn a low wage, but we’re also far more likely to see them again. A good tip will ensure good service the next time you see said waiter – but that doesn’t apply with taxi drivers. One black cab is the same as another.

So why do we tip taxi drivers? Answers on a postcard please…

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