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A small Doctor Who moment to make you go awwwww…..

A small Doctor Who moment to make you go awwwww…..

Picture the scene – you’re Russell T Davies, famed showrunner of Doctor Who and famed atheist. You’re at a Q&A just after showing a preview of the Christmas 2009 episode – your penultimate piece of work on Doctor Who – when a little kid grabs the microphone, in front of lots of journalists, and asks:

Did you meet the Doctor or did you make him up?

Which is pretty much the same as asking whether Father Christmas exists. The moral quandry – do you tell all or nothing?

I’ve seen two accounts of what RTD said next – via SFX and Ian Wylie (spoilers!) – which are both slightly different. But were you there?

and in Who-related news: Doctor Who star goes back to old school to direct nativity play

Bless Russell T. Davies

Bless Russell T. Davies

So, some parts of fandom have amusingly (or not amusingly) exploded over the events of Torchwood: Children of Earth.

Russell T. Davies’ response to them?: “If you can’t handle drama you shouldn’t watch it. Find something else. Go look at poetry. Poetry’s wonderful.” – and recommends they all go off and watch Supernatural instead.

Bless him. His excellent book/collection of emails The Writer’s Tale revealed a self-doubting writer coupled with bouts of intense confidence – like all writers – but it’s moments like this that just want to make me sit back and applaud.

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