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Where Russell T Davies and I differ…

Where Russell T Davies and I differ…

I have two claims to fame regarding myself and new Doctor Who head honcho Russell T. Davies:

1. During a fire alarm, I had to walk behind him to the fire exit. He’s a very very tall man. (And no, I didn’t approach him. Being at work I’m sure the last thing he needed was a fanboy going on about Doctor Who and all that)

2. Like him, I was often to be found on a Friday night on the train leaving Cardiff for Manchester – although I never bumped into him on said train, and usually had to get off at Crewe.

However, it seems that Russell never liked the train journey. In this Telegraph interview, he described the journey as “Four hours of hell. It’s like Calcutta – sitting on a box of chickens with peasants hanging from the windows outside.”

This strikes me as rather strange, since it’s actually quite a pleasant rail journey. A peaceful four hours riding up the Welsh countryside, with none of the usual hassles of train journeys (changing trains, drunken hooligans) to worry about. Once the masses of commuters get off at Newport, it’s a very relaxing ride in which you can read books, play silly games, watch downloaded TV on your laptop, whatever. And I would have thought that busy man that he is, he’d relish the chance to spend three to four hours by himself catching up on the world without having the hassles of mobile phone coverage.

Ahh, train travel. I do rather miss it these days.

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