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The trouble with co-habitation #41

The trouble with co-habitation #41

is that when HyperHam says she wants to go to a two-day musical theatre festival in the heart of what we call London, we go to said musical theatre festival.

Thus meaning, the news about a vintage computer orgy with OMD as the headline act completely passed me by. As did the news about the Pet Shop Boys playing Glastonbury.

But then, of course, with a wedding fast approaching and speeches needing to be written, an awful lot is passing me by these days. Bah.

A TV news ident that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys…

A TV news ident that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys…

Maybe it’s intensely wrong of me, but …

Whilst doing some random surfing, I found myself listening to the BBC London News ident. Thus I suddenly found myself on my desk grooving to it a la Tyres O’Flaherty in Spaced, as if it was the latest groovy Pet Shop Boys tune … can you spot the similarity, or is that just me?

Perhaps it’s an unconscious yearning to listen to some more Pet Shop Boys music. I did also find myself humming along to Jack The Lad the other day, which is not the most cheerful Pet Shop Boys song ever.

There was even a series of concerts the Pet Shop Boys did a couple of weeks ago – but nobody seems to have gone, or at least raved about it to me or told me how fab it was. Maybe it was exactly the same set as the 2006 summer concerts – but no-one’s told me yet. Although to be fair, I haven’t looked for that information anywhere beyond my email and RSS feeds… did you go?

42 years of Top of the Pops, and no Pet Shop Boys ?!

42 years of Top of the Pops, and no Pet Shop Boys ?!

So after 42 years, the UK’s premiere music show, Top Of The Pops, comes to an unfortunate, if not entirely unexpected end.

But amongst the lineup of 42 years of pop highlights, from the Rolling Stones to Robbie Williams, they couldn’t find the time (even though they covered the 80s and 90s in detail) to even put in a little snippet from the Pet Shop Boys, the second-best double act of all time behind Lennon & McCartney.

But to the delight of Miss R (and her continued gloating), one of her preferred pop stars made it into the 1990s pop montage. James chuffin’ Blunt. I know that Geoff, a man of usual impeccable taste in music loves Blunt, so it could just be me. But really, does one man who needs a shave with *one* hit single to his name (that admittedly everyone in the whole damned world can hum by now) deserve to be in a 1990s pop montage, while leaving out a group with 38 Top 40 hits to their name – indeed they even went into the top 40 this week.

Mind you, it says a lot of the final status of Top Of The Pops that they had to close with a music video featuring a South American singer, when the preferred option would have been a live performance from a boy-band with guitars covering a 1970s Queen classic.

I get excited, you get excited too…

I get excited, you get excited too…

I was musing recently that little in film or music gets me truly excited these days.

Then I pick up a copy of Word Magazine featuring the Pet Shop Boys – a fantastic multi-page interview with the pop geniuses that makes me genuinely excited about the new forthcoming album, and even manages to connect the Pet Shop Boys to Doctor Who. (According to them, David Tennant took his stage name from Neil Tennant. Although it could just as easily have been Emma Tennant!)

Beyond the Pets, the magazine also has fantastic articles about the death of Smash Hits, great well-written reviews and reads like it’s been written by a bunch of enthusiastic journalists. It’s a little high-brow and “old” for my tastes, but finally I have a magazine that is just a little beyond reach of my current cultural experience (as opposed to way out there) that is just encouraging enough to want me to raise my cultural horizons a little. It’s an older version of Entertainment Weekly – or Heat magazine when it was *my* magazine before it went down-market and girly and sold shedloads.

Then this morning, I get the fantabulous news that the Pet Shop Boys are to gig. In a forest. and woo-hoo, there’s something FANTASTIC to look forward to. And here I am emailing my various friends hoping that they’re as excited as I am and we all get to hang out in some forest at the end of July.

Are you with me?

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