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Presentation palpitations

Presentation palpitations

Today, I had to give a very small presentation to a workgroup I’m part of. Nothing fancy, just outlining a possible solution to around 30 people sat in a room. I know most of these people, there weren’t any senior figures in the room – all I had to do was talk for about 20 minutes about possible solutions, and lead a discussion.

I wasn’t that nervous till I was stood in front of everyone in front of the projector. Then I just started gabbling. On topic, but I talked very very quickly, rushed through the slides and frequently changed trains of thought and metaphor depending on the current thread of discussion. By the end of it all, I was slightly worn out and it took the calm voice of the moderator to bring the whole thing to a close.

This wouldn’t be so bad except that I have to give a professional presentation in the Netherlands at the end of May. No idea about the size of the audience, but given that other speakers include leading brands, it’s probably a fairly big deal and I’d be representing a major brand, needless to say. Then again, it’s not South by Southwest…

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