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2009 was a very boring year. and I'm perfectly happy with that.

2009 was a very boring year. and I'm perfectly happy with that.

In 2000, I was living in a one-bed flat in West London, working for the BBC and dating an American woman.
In 2009, I am living in the same one-bed flat in West London, working for the BBC (in a different job) and dating a (different) American woman.

However, this is progress, since in the intervening decade, there have been more ups, downs and descents into sheer hell than I had ever really expected. So for 2009 to be a stable year where I stayed in the same place, worked in the same place, and had the honour of dating the same woman is pretty darned cool in itself.

But here’s to 2010, and I hope you have a fab 2010 that brings you most of what you wanted. (Because if you suddenly had everything you wanted, wouldn’t life get terribly dull?)

Ten years ago today, I was…

Ten years ago today, I was…

stumbling across Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations with my mates including Sheff01, watching a couple of Turkish guys begging every woman around them for a kiss, and not getting any. Then again, I wasn’t getting any kisses either.

The best moment though, was coming up to the police barriers – due to sheer numbers, you had to have a special ticket to be allowed into the street celebrations – and watching one woman screaming “I’m pregnant! Let me through!”. So eventually the barriers were raised, and a lady with a large stomach was let through. Once she was past the policemen and the barriers, she lifted her shirt to reveal a six-pack of beers – she pulled one out, opened it, and went on her merry way.

At the stroke of midnight, the fireworks were unleashed over Edinburgh Castle – followed by the fine ash/gunpoweder glittering all our faces. Which beats the year after, when I had to duck and cover from hundreds of bottles thrown over Westminster Bridge on December 31, 2000.

Never mind all that, what you really want to know is what Doctor Who and sci-fi writers (including Russell T Davies, Steven Moffatt were doing on Millennium Eve

Things that make you feel old #1…

Things that make you feel old #1…

roll the dice has photoshopped an image of ye olde Thames TV logo to show how it would look for today’s London:

Thames TV`logo by roll the dice.

As a kid in 1980s mid-Wales, I would look excitedly every time that logo appeared, because it meant LONDON! COOL STUFF! AND GREAT TELEVISION! Well, The Goodies in their declining years… or Dempsey and Makepeace… and you don’t want to know the amount of internal yay that happened in my head every time the London Weekend Television ident appeared…

Of course, now it’s different. Almost all the ITV companies have amalgamated into one meaningless whole – and more importantly, there’s pretty much nothing worth watching on ITV these days. But those were the days, aye…

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