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Internet addicted? Naaa….

Internet addicted? Naaa….

I’ve come back from two weeks in the United States – one week in Cleveland with HyperHam, and one week with (almost) my entire family exploring New York.

Whilst in New York, I had to pay for wireless Internet access. I ended up paying about $30 for Internet access on three of the five days I was in one of the world’s most amazing cities – although one time was so I could try to check-in for flights online, and another time was for a (failed) job application.

But really, I didn’t HAVE to have Internet access. I just wanted it. and there’s only so much walking around you can do before your legs fall off…

What's in New York?

What's in New York?

Liberate your money!

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My siblings and I are basically looking at taking my parents to New York for a major celebration.

This is a great idea with the only flaw being that parents being parents, we’re not really sure of their hobbies and walking miles upon miles of city streets isn’t quite an option either. The main reason for taking them to New York is that they’ve never been to the United States before, and it’s a world-class city with major tourist attractions.

That said, the list of places we’re thinking we could take them mostly consist of:

Empire State Building
Statue of Liberty / Ellis Island
Central Park
Times Square

Can you think of touristy places in New York (or the surrounding area) that don’t require much brain or feet power?

btw, I’m flying through New York, Cleveland, Las Vegas and Phoenix in April if you’re interested in following my trip!

Eddie Izzard's sold out, maaannn….

Eddie Izzard's sold out, maaannn….

Time was I remember when Eddie Izzard was an up-and-coming name on London’s comedy circuit. Whispers of him and his genius abounded, and if you were lucky you might get to see him in an intimate setting.

Up till now, I’ve watched his meteroic ascension to stardom with a wry smile – who else could get away with offering downloads of him giving satnav directions (for a suitably high fee of course)? It was still so “him”, keeping to the brand, while still managing to feed the Izzard coffers.

But the latest offer sounds so daft, and ridiculously expensive. A flight for two to New York, three nights in a hotel and tickets to see Eddie in concert. And guess how much you’d have to pay for this privilege?

US$3200. Or about £1800.

I’m pretty sure that a flight for two to New York and three nights in a good hotel will cost about £1000. which basically means that people are paying £400 each for the privilege of seeing Eddie in concert in New York.


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