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Tell us what you think…

Tell us what you think…

I remember overhearing a great Mitchell & Webb sketch lampooning the way in which media companies now desperately solicit comments and feedback on almost everything. In a roundabout way via Jem Stone’s blog and Broadcast, here is the text transcription I shall be pasting onto all pages!

“Are you personally affected by this issue ? Then e-mail us. Or if you’re not affected, can you imagine what it would be like if you were ? Or if you
were affected by it but don’t want to talk about it can you imagine what it would be like not being affected by it ? Why not email us ? You may not know anything about the issue, but i bet you reckon something. So why not tell us what you reckon. Let us enjoy the full majesty of your uninformed ad hoc reckoning, by going to…clicking on “what i reckon” and beating on the keyboard with your fists and your head.”

Of course, it’d be nice if people actually responded to comments instead of deploying the old management-speak of “I hear what you’re saying…”

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