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Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

  • Jessops online – as if someone spots her while shopping for a camera on the INTERNET. What, Madeleine is going to be lurking in a cybercafe somewhere?
  • Tesco UK – if someone has kidnapped her, then they’re hardly likely to bring her back to her home country, let alone take her to the local supermarket.
  • Manchester Airport immigration – if she’s on the same flight or trying to get into the country, you’d think immigration staff would have been properly briefed by now
  • – because Madeleine would be the kind of person to want to increase her blog viewership, of course.
  • Nationwide – just in case she pops in to make a deposit to her bank account while you’re there
  • On the BBC’s Crimewatch – if whoever took Madeleine brought her back to the UK to the heart of the media storm surrounding her, said person has got to be a total idiot as well as weirdo and general pervert.
  • And what, pray tell, was the point for the publicity surrounding the McCann’s visit to the Pope?

And yet, your average phone-in on a radio show on this topic has people calling in demanding that her picture be splashed across every newspaper every day until they find her. Guess I’m out of touch with society.

Fed up of the McCann story

Fed up of the McCann story

I know it’s a peculiarly British thing for manufactured grief and concern to take up news headlines for no good reason whatsoever, but … really, we’ve had three weeks of no-news on Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, and not only is it still in UK news headlines everywhere, people are now resorting to donating to a website and having a minute’s silence to keep her disappearance on the news agenda. Even a new Prime Minister hasn’t shifted her off the news agenda.

For what good reason, I ask? Is it helping anyone? All this news coverage and posters everywhere hasn’t helped so far. When I went through Manchester Airport immigration, there was a poster there asking if anyone had seen Madeline. As if anyone who flies through Manchester Airport is likely have spotted a blonde child running down some street somewhere and thought “oooh, that’s Madeline”. How will the fund help to find a missing child? All it’ll do is pay for more media manipulators to keep the story alive in the European press, and presumably allow the McCanns to take some time off to stay in Portugal and stay in the hunt. But it’s not as if they’re going to find anything now.

In the meantime, important news stories just don’t get the same attention. More strife in the Middle East. 462 children go missing in the UK in the last 12 days. Where’s their parade, constant media coverage, a minute’s silence and monetary fund?

Why is Madeline McCann any more important than those 462 kids? What gives her family near-constant-access to the media 24-7? They left her alone in the bedroom while they went for a meal (admittedly just across the road and with their two other children), for goodness’ sake.

It probably helps enormously that she’s white, blonde-haired and reasonably photogenic, and from a middle-class background. I look forward to the same amount of insane media coverage for the next time a British kid goes missing, who happens to be Asian, or black-haired.

And yet, raise concerns like this on BBC News, and you’ll get comments from phony worried folk accusing others of not caring, being heartless, what could be more important than missing children etc.? Fine, I look forward to BBC Missing Children 24, adults donating their worldly goods to help other missing children around the world, and perhaps to save children from being fired upon in Iraq, Israel, Palestine and other places.

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