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Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

Silly places to have spotted Madeleine McCann appeals

  • Jessops online – as if someone spots her while shopping for a camera on the INTERNET. What, Madeleine is going to be lurking in a cybercafe somewhere?
  • Tesco UK – if someone has kidnapped her, then they’re hardly likely to bring her back to her home country, let alone take her to the local supermarket.
  • Manchester Airport immigration – if she’s on the same flight or trying to get into the country, you’d think immigration staff would have been properly briefed by now
  • – because Madeleine would be the kind of person to want to increase her blog viewership, of course.
  • Nationwide – just in case she pops in to make a deposit to her bank account while you’re there
  • On the BBC’s Crimewatch – if whoever took Madeleine brought her back to the UK to the heart of the media storm surrounding her, said person has got to be a total idiot as well as weirdo and general pervert.
  • And what, pray tell, was the point for the publicity surrounding the McCann’s visit to the Pope?

And yet, your average phone-in on a radio show on this topic has people calling in demanding that her picture be splashed across every newspaper every day until they find her. Guess I’m out of touch with society.

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