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Spam – on the radio…

Spam – on the radio…

We’ve all had spam emails exhorting us to join some kind of home-based business scheme which promises to bring in income of thousands of dollars/pounds/yen per month while working from home.

What I’m not used to is turning on the radio – for instance, at CBS-owned WDOK Radio in Cleveland – and hearing the aural equivalent of such an advert, promising the listener thousands of dollars to work from a home-based business scheme, just by going to the ever-so-classy webaddress Which then takes you to a website. So we essentially have the fourth biggest radio station owner in the United States promoting a superficial home-business scheme. Oh dear.

Oh yes, and sister company CBS Interactive owns

Embarassed of my music collection

Embarassed of my music collection

As the days get colder and greyer, I find solace in a freezing office by listening to some of my MP3s.

Unfortunately, each MP3 I listen to tends to get listed on – and I like to leave my MP3 player on shuffle play, choosing from 2,500 tracks at random. (I’ve got far more at home, alas).

So once in a while, Winamp chooses a track which I happen to love, but could potentially be a bit embarassing. A song that I wouldn’t be proud to defend in my local record store, but that somehow I want to listen to. The question is, do I want the world to know I’ve just listened to that song?

But you know what, it’s just not that important. That the world doesn’t particularly care that I was listening to Ricky Martin and Christina Aguilera crooning Nobody Wants To Be Lonely. Quite possibly the most ironic song of them all, considering Martin/Agueilera are very unlikely to be alone for a while – but it just works as a ridiculously dramatic over-emotional camp song. It should be headed straight to a West End musical.

So I listened to it. And yeah, it was good.

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