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It's the Oscars again

It's the Oscars again

So the Oscars nominations for 2006 are finally out. It’s a resonably good measure to see what “quality” films you’ve seen this year. And as usual, I’ve failed disgracefully this year.

The only film I’ve seen that’s been Oscar-nominated in the major categories is Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-rabbit. Oh dear. Really must go to the movies more often.

Why Kiss Kiss Bang Bang didn’t get a nomination for best original screenplay still beats me. That script was so sharp and witty… Also surprising to see the total lack of King Kong in any of the major categories. It was slightly disappointing but still bloody amazing.

Brokeback Mountain got 8 nominations. But being a man with almost zero interest in tragic love stories unless they’re attached to epic melodramas a la The English Patient, I’ve got no desire to see it. It’ll just depress me, and no amount of sightings of Anne Hathaway’s breasts is going to persuade me otherwise.

Crash and Good Night, and Good Luck both got six nominations each. Both are films I wouldn’t mind seeing, but I just know it’s going to be one of those films that I keep meaning to see, and never getting round to. I’ve probably got more interest in Syriana, just because I love multi-plotted storytelling a la Traffic or Love Actually.

Memoirs of a Geisha also got six nominations, but I’m in two minds about whether I want to watch what is ultimately an exploitation picture that perpetuates the notion that Japanese/Asian women are delicate mysterious flowers.

I was just reading about Capote, which got five nominations. But it seems like I ought to know who or what he was, before I see a film about him.

For some reason, I just can’t bring myself to see Spielberg movies any more. I haven’t even seen War of the Worlds. So Munich is probably out – even if it is more about the psychology of revenge rather than an analysis of terrorism.

Walk The Line looks quite interesting, but I only know one Johnny Cash song, shamefully. Oh, and the soundalike who did an advert for Folgers coffee when I lived in the USA.

Nothing divides the sexes more than "wet" or "moist"…

Nothing divides the sexes more than "wet" or "moist"…

It has been my humble experience that nothing divides the sexes more than the words “wet”, “moist” or things of that nature.

One of my favourite quotable authors is Stephen Fry. One of his most memorable phrases was “moist gusset”. I just like the sound of that, the way the words roll into each other. But I had to stop saying it in company after women everywhere complained.

I’d heard really good things about the new Robert Downey Jnr. / Val Kilmer / Shane Black movie Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, but after I saw this killer quote:

I was tired, I was pissed, I was wetter than Drew Barrymore in a grunge bar.

I know that film will be my next new favourite.

But so far, when I’ve gleefully told people, their reaction has been somewhat divided around gender lines.

Is it the actual quote? Or more the fact it has the word “wet” in it, in a dubious sexual connotation?

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