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The Obama effect – from London

The Obama effect – from London

– At a gig last night, comedian Mark Thomas said: “After tomorrow, it will now be safe for Americans to hold their hands up when a comedian asks if there are any Americans in the room. You are no longer a symbol of tragedy, violence and brutality …… any Israelis in?”

– There was some BBC coverage from a college in Tottenham, where the mostly-black students were all glued to their big screens

– For most of today, it was business as usual. Then as soon as Obama’s face showed up on the monitors, people started drifting away from their desks to the big-screen television on the top floor. People started sticking their heads out of meeting rooms. By the time Obama came to spoke, the desks were relatively empty.

– Huge laughter came up when the Reverend started saying: “we are grateful to be Americans”. Bless, you haven’t lost your gift for hyperbole…

– The inauguration music was apparently composed by John Williams – the same man who composed, amongst other things, the themes to Superman and Indiana Jones. The temptation to slip a couple of Superman bars in must have been over-whelming…

I’m just wondering whether Dubya made promises to unite the nation, be friends to the world and give everyone unlimited rice pudding in his inauguration speeches. But at least Obama’s got a free pass for a year or so, I think. Then again, we gave one to Bush after 9/11 and look what happened… oh, and Jon Stewart compares Bush & Obama’s inauguration speeches

PS: Only real Doctor Who geeks will get this

On this almost historic day…

On this almost historic day…

Secret Asian Man

(It does have to be pointed out that 20 years from now, we’ll think of today in the same way we think of the Moon landings. Cool, but let’s get back to reality…)

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