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Of course the media is "institutionally racist" !

Of course the media is "institutionally racist" !

There’s been a bit of furore in the UK media after the chief of the Metropolitian police accused the media of racism, specifically reporting/hyping certain crimes more if white victims were involved, as opposed to non-white victims.

Why this comes as a surprise, I don’t know. Victims of crime who aren’t generic “pretty blondes” don’t really get covered in any depth, unless there’s another sensational aspect.

Hell, look at the perennial story of A-level students and their results. Pictures illustrating that tend to be of pretty female blonde students collecting their results. You hardly see any dark-haired women collecting their results, let alone non-white people.

Hell, when the national newspaper of Wales publishes an article headlined However much I love my gay friends, I don’t want them running the country, the problem isn’t just with racism. It’s sexism, homophobia, everything.

In other words, the media, the police, and everyone else are as institutionally racist as society itself. And until society accepts that it is genuinely racist in its thinking, nothing is really going to change.

qwghlm makes this point in a tad more detail than I do, but hey I’ve been busy and snowed under.

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