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Time-travelling Madonna

Time-travelling Madonna

If you’ve got a radio, then by now you’ll have heard Madonna’s new single Hung Up, which contains an interesting sample from Abba’s Gimme Gimme Gimme. By the time the single’s released in November, we’ll all be heartily fed up of it. You mark my words, young man.

The only reason I can think of why Madonna – who’s been around for 25+ years, let’s not forget – would need to sample an ancient Abba disco track would be if she was trying to reference in some way the history of disco from then till now, but didn’t want to resort to obvious cliches like Staying Alive. or Dancing Queen.

The thing is, see, if I was a clever producer who was tasked with finding a sample that would reference the early days of disco, wouldn’t it have been dead clever to actually use a sample from one of Madonna’s early hits, such as Lucky Star?

Then again, this is probably why I’m not a disco music producer.

ADDENDUM: In doing research for this post – ie a Google blog search I’m amazed at how almost every mention of the song has the word “gay” in there somewhere. Call me a gaydar-less idiot, but I still can’t see how a bunch of musical notes, drumbeats and riffs can relate to human sexuality. Then again, my favourite artist is still the Pet Shop Boys.

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