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Things to make you go boomz

Things to make you go boomz

BassBoomzAnyone who knows me knows two things: I love gadgets, and am always looking to save some cash. This isn’t a bad thing, after all – gadgets make our lives more easy, and who wouldn’t want to save some money at the end of the day?

So when I was offered a chance to review the BassBoomz, a micro Bluetooth speaker that could replace space-hogging speakers and be far cheaper (at just £50 till the end of March with the discount code listed at the bottom), I jumped at it.

Seriously it’s tiny – it’s only half the length of a cell phone, fits easily in your pocket or some spare corner of your desk (or perched up on some books) and barely 5 cm across in width.

Yet this Bluetooth-enabled speaker packs a surprisingly serious punch of sound. When they say bass, they mean it – I was able to get sounds out of it that usually produced a cracking sound in my higher end speakers. I’ve now ditched my speakers and now just use this attached to my laptop or mobile phone!

Set up was a breeze; just make sure your devices (eg mobile, laptop, iPad) have their bluetooth on, and with two clicks of the mouse, you are ready to go anywhere in the house, or on the street. A line-in and mini USB port on the bassboomz ensures you can recharge on the go (no batteries required!) using a plug or your device without hassle. And the tough aluminium casing ensures it can take any knock in your bag without hassle – try that with your speakers at home!

Once that’s done, you can emulate rich Miami millionaires by simply choosing any song you like on your mobile phone, and suddenly it’s booming out of this tiny little speaker!

Overall, I am really impressed with Bassboomz, and can’t wait to try the next thing that comes up!

If this has tempted you, you can buy a BassBoomz for £49.99 (saving £30) by quoting discount code BBZ304616 at – give it a go for yourself!

(This post was sponsored by BassBoomz)

One of the most useless gadgets ever devised

One of the most useless gadgets ever devised

Shower radios are generally a very useful thing – they keep you informed and entertained while you’re in the shower. I certainly wouldn’t like to live without one – but I’ve had to ever since the radio dial on mine stopped working.

However, even I fail to see why I’d get a Cyberman shower radio over a normal one. There’s no clock on it, no flashing digital numbers to tell you which station you’re tuned into. There’s probably just an on-off/volume dial, and a tuning dial. No fancy gimmicks, no gizmos, nothing to seperate it from the rest of the shower radios on the market, aside from a ludicrously huge design that’s not shy about itself, and is going to do nothing but give future bathroom visitors a mild shock when they visit your bathroom for the first time. It might even put a sizable dent into your love life.

And yet….

What's so great about the video iPod?

What's so great about the video iPod?

Geofftech is one of those who were “lucky” enough to soak up all the free food and wine at the launch of the video iPod. Which seems to be just about the only good thing about the anti-climatic announcement of the video iPod.

The screen is tiny, there’s no widescreen and as far as I can tell, there’s no option for users to upload their own video content or home movies to it. So it’s still a music player with a hard drive that can also do video. But that’s it.

Compare that to the Playstation Portable. It’s got a proper screen for watching video. It can play games and music. You can upload your own video content. The only thing you can’t do is bolt on a hard drive to it – or buy American TV shows at US$2 an episode to watch.

I think I know which one I’d get. If I had any spare money.

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