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I used to live here…

I used to live here…

Pink Hat – Cardiff

Originally uploaded by © Maciej Dakowicz

Maybe this is where my slight fear of Saturday nights started, after I spent five years living in Cardiff City Centre and seeing sights like this most Saturday nights. And Friday nights. And Wednesday nights, for that matter. And, of course, hearing teenagers sobbing and arguing outside my bedroom window at 2am. But I did kinda like it, in the sense there was always life outside my window. So why go any further?

These pics are part of a gallery that a photography student is having exhibited in London. One of my flatmates used to also take random pics of drunk people on the streets of Cardiff. Then he graduated to video – and there’s a classic one where he’s filming two very drunk women arguing with a bouncer, and then they slowly turn to camera and shout “WHAT THE F**K DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LOOKING AT?”

Also covered in BBC News Wales

Be careful of what you put up on Flickr…

Be careful of what you put up on Flickr… has the very interesting story of how one goofy posed-for picture at a church barbecue in America became the centrepoint for a slightly racist campaign for Virgin Mobile Australia.

Picasa – Flickr for your desktop?

Picasa – Flickr for your desktop?

Being a total Flickr fan (so much so I might even pay for a year’s subscription soon!), one of the great things about it is the way you can tag photographs to designate them a certain category, in much the same way that you can do that with Gmail. Naturally, you can also give photographs multiple tags.

I’ve just downloaded Picasa, a new bit of photo management software. It’s got lots of pretty features, but the main reason I’ll use it as opposed to my existing “throw the pics into a specific folder in Windows and hope my memory copes” method is precisely the ability to multipally tag pictures.

Finally, I can have a picture of my family at Christmas, and tag it as BOTH family and christmas. Perfect. So if you like Flickr, go run and download Picasa now.

Now if only Picasa could integrate with Flickr properly so you could upload a pic direct to Flickr! There is a method of integrating Picasa and Flickr via email (well, Gmail) but it’s not exactly elegant. So I just stick to labelling my best pics Flickr, and uploading them manually.

Incidentally, many more intellectual geniuses than myself have been devoting some serious thinking time to this notion of tagging data. Or folksonomy, as it’s apparently termed by those in the know.

Now if only someone on this crazy Lazyweb could get on with it and let me tag my desktop-based-email and bookmarks in the same way as I can do online with Gmail and – things I’m not particularly interested in sharing with the rest of the world!

Tsunami concert goers start arriving.

Tsunami concert goers start arriving.

Like ants to a sugar cube on a picnic.

And just when it gets interesting, and the music starts pumping out the stadium speakers, I have to go to the office to pump out 8 hours of broadband-quality on-demand video. Which will be fun, but not as fun as working backstage.

Exclusive: waiting for the tsunami relief gig to start ;-)

Exclusive: waiting for the tsunami relief gig to start ;-)

Up from the sixth floor, just waiting… and waiting…

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