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Western-Chinese people. Our time has come.

Western-Chinese people. Our time has come.

For generations, we Western-Chinese people have lamented at our lack of visibility in Western media, despite being a fifth of the planet. Oh how we have longed to be treated like everyone else, to rise beyond our stereotyped kung-fu cousins going to Rondon or inscrutable fiendish Oriental mastermind who will rise above all others, possibly using our devious sexual prowess. Until now, our roles have been confined to being the token chef, token comedy chef with a cleaver, or token dude who helps the hero before being killed.

But not any more! Finally, we can tear off our shackles, unafraid to look at the TV in case Lisa Huo comes back, with Gok Wan giggling manically in the wings.*

For finally, a Chinese restaurant gets its own reality-TV docu-soap series. Ladies and gentlemen, I bring to you: The Quons.

Apparently, it’s been running for three years on Canada’s Food Network as Family Restaurant, but for its UK debut on the Good Food channel, they’re calling it The Quons instead – which seems a bit of an odd title change…

It starts Monday night at 9.30pm on the Good Food channel. Watch it.

* (Ob. disclaimer: To be fair, Gok Wan is bloody good at what he does. Too good.)

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