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I have nothing to wear!

I have nothing to wear!

It’s Halloween again, which means another invitation to a fancy-dress party. While I love parties (dude!), I really do hate dressing up. Primarily because it never works.

Me as Al Capone / OddjobA couple of years ago, I attended a veritable series of stag nights which involved fancy dress. Invariably, I’d hire a costume (Austin Powers, Al Capone) for the evening only to feel incredibly uncomfortable for the entire night and no-one’d recognise me anyway. Indeed, when I wore an Al Capone-esque 1930s outfit, people assumed I was dressed up as Odd Job instead.

I’ve been cordially invited to a neighbour’s Halloween party this weekend, but the dress code is fancy dress. And I have absolutely no idea what to wear, or indeed how to wear it. The last time I went to a works Halloween party, I stupidly dressed up as Doctor Who (ie a leather jacket with a scarf – an amalgamation of the fourth and ninth regeneration). A month later, I was made redundant. Coincidence?

So … got any ideas?

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