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Doctor Who's back…

Doctor Who's back…

Great moments from Smith’n’Jones:

– Planet Zoivrax. A planet I really want to visit, and a reference that will sail over the heads of non-Americans.
– The Judoons. Great blundering characters, I really hope they come back and don’t get forgotten a la Slitheen.
– Anne Reid. I bet she’s spent years practising her pantomime moments…

Lousy bits

– the first two minutes. I know they had to do a quick hurried introduction to Martha, but they could have just skipped straight to “I’m a doctor. Dearie me, we seem to be on the moon!”
– That last shot of the Doctor being all heroic with Martha. Surely these heroism moments ought to be rationed otherwise they’ll become blase to us?

What the new Doctor Who feels like…

What the new Doctor Who feels like…

In about ten days, we will have New Who II on British TV screens. A new Doctor, but otherwise the same companion, and the same production team.

So when I went into the press screening for the new Doctor Who, there was a certain amount of trepidation mixed in with expecting to be bored. After all, when your first “new” series repeats the “epic alien invasion of London” storyline twice, there is a slight fear of repetition. Indeed, even the new trailer for Doctor Who 2006 alludes to it.

I need not have worried.

(Mild spoilers beyond this point!!)

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