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One of the most useless gadgets ever devised

One of the most useless gadgets ever devised

Shower radios are generally a very useful thing – they keep you informed and entertained while you’re in the shower. I certainly wouldn’t like to live without one – but I’ve had to ever since the radio dial on mine stopped working.

However, even I fail to see why I’d get a Cyberman shower radio over a normal one. There’s no clock on it, no flashing digital numbers to tell you which station you’re tuned into. There’s probably just an on-off/volume dial, and a tuning dial. No fancy gimmicks, no gizmos, nothing to seperate it from the rest of the shower radios on the market, aside from a ludicrously huge design that’s not shy about itself, and is going to do nothing but give future bathroom visitors a mild shock when they visit your bathroom for the first time. It might even put a sizable dent into your love life.

And yet….

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