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Fighting a losing battle against copyright

Fighting a losing battle against copyright

Sarah Cameron not quite standing by her man, David Cameron

So… on the night when David Cameron finally became Prime Minister, HyperHam and I had the following conversation:

HH: “Why is Mrs Cameron standing at the back, pregnant and far away from her husband?”
AW: “Well, we’re living in Tory times now.”

To me, this was so amazingly funny and of-the-moment, that I immediately posted it on Twitter and Facebook. After all, what’s a joke if it’s not instantly shared to as many people as possible?

While a couple of friends graciously shared the joke with credit, another friend of mine reposted the joke without attributing it towards me. Indeed, when I pointed out that I wrote the joke, she deleted the comment, and then we had a slight disagreement before she decided to delete the joke to begin with. But she genuinely thought she was in the right to just copy a joke without any form of attribution.

Record companies and artists everywhere bemoan how we now live in an age where people copy works without even thinking of paying for it. But at least we all know a song by Lady GaGa is by Lady GaGa. How soon is it going to be before people can’t even be bothered to acknowledge that someone else wrote that song or book or joke?

Nice to know UK security forces have their priorities right

Nice to know UK security forces have their priorities right

On the day that it’s reported that “a lack of resources” stopped British intelligence services from stopping the London bombings last July, it was also announced that the UK Customs and Excise, in conjunction with FedEx and the Federation Against Copyright Theft, has now trained two sniffer dogs to sniff out a new kind of dangerous contraband.

Could it be explosives? Anthrax? Free speech? No. It’s something much more evil.

DVDs. (press release from MPAA, which charmingly describes the United Kingdom as a suburb of Los Angeles)

Believe it or not, the resource-stretched police/customs/intelligence services, despite bleating that they didn’t have enough resources to stop one of the UK’s worst terrorist incidents, somehow still finds the time, money and effort to train two sniffer dogs to track down six-inch pieces of plastic. The worst of which might just contain the warblings of David Hasselhoff.

Damn, that puts a stop to my intentions to build an evil empire from the $2 I’d save buying a DVD in the US as opposed to the UK…

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