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When did Madonna become the Rolling Stones ?!

When did Madonna become the Rolling Stones ?!

Madonna’s starting her European tour in Cardiff – just outside my front door, in fact. Except she’s charging a whopping £70 for a ticket!!!

Now I realise I’m perilously close to being part of the aging fifty-quid-man demographic who would ordinarily think nothing of spending £50 on a bunch of CDs on a Saturday afternoon (although it was in fact Anni who did this), but paying Rolling-Stones-esque ticket prices for Madonna is insane. Especially since the Rolling Stones are a bunch of aging rockers who haven’t had a hit in this decade, and Madonna is back on form.

Even the Pet Shop Boys – who have been going for as long as Madonna, and are equally iconic on a European stage – aren’t charging that much. Their gigs are around £30, and involve an equally-insane number of dancers, smoke machines and other pyrotechnics. Indeed, it’s arguably more involving since it involves architecturally-designed sets.

So what has Madonna got to offer that’s worth £70 for two hours of entertainment? More gyrating hotpants?

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