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My April Fools' Day so far…

My April Fools' Day so far…

3am: Whilst sleeping in my hostel-cum-hotel (bunk bed, shared toilet, no internet *weep*), the fire alarm goes off. Cue about ten confused tourists sleepily making their way downstairs, with the almost cliched Japanese tourist being incredibly confused about whether it was a fire alarm or just a quaint English custom.

Eventually I called the hostel manager – no reply, so I called the fire brigade. Then the hostel manager arrived, switched off the fire alarm and then 30 seconds later the fire engines blazed into view, meaning that even when we tried to get back to sleep the flashing blue sirens put paid to that notion.

9.30am: Arrive at (new) work expecting to find that we’ve moved desks. But no. Cue confusion as I go to my new desk, can’t find anything there, and end up back at my old desk.

10am: Amazing BBC video of penguins in flight! Amazing in so many ways.

10.30am: Looks like Rhys’s blog has been hacked 😉

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