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Apple make something useful ?!

Apple make something useful ?!

Let’s face it, while most of Apple’s products have been somewhat cool and nifty, they’ve never actually been particularly useful. Or innovative in terms of functionality, for that matter. MP3 players were around before the iPod came out. Mobile phones were around before the iPhone came out.

But now, Apple have brought out something that – to my mind – no-one else has done yet, and is genuinely useful.

The Apple Time Capsule is a router with a built-in hard drive. Simple as that. Apple sell it as a way of doing automatic backups – but think about it. A router with a built-in hard-drive. In one fell swoop you remove the need for a modem, a router and a network hard drive in one go. I really really want one.

Shame it probably won’t work with PCs.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the Apple Macbook Air. In a world where we’re trying to make things last longer, Apple bring out a product that becomes landfill trash after three years. It’s almost as if Apple is sticking its tongue out at Greenpeace

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