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Emma Watson, alcohol and the British

Emma Watson, alcohol and the British

When I was a young teenager growing up, drinking was seen as something cool for all teenagers to do. And, let’s face it, drinking is relatively easy. Even I managed to have a few drinks during my teenage years in an attempt to look vaguely cool.

So when Emma Watson (aged 21) spends three minutes on David Letterman talking about alcohol before finally confessing that she only got drunk once, you do have to wonder just how isolated/isolating the Harry Potter stars were, when at least two of them can’t do what British teenagers have been doing for years up and down the land – get drunk, and then carry on the next day.

I also wonder how that played in bi-alcohol America – where people either drink till they punch people in the face, or stay away from that demon drink. Alcohol does seem more integrated into the British way of life, but with notable exceptions, they tend to moderate it.

Mind you, I’ve started drinking a bottle of beer a day, and a tiny part of my mind is a tad worried I’m going to end up being a mild alcoholic.

I used to live here…

I used to live here…

Pink Hat – Cardiff

Originally uploaded by © Maciej Dakowicz

Maybe this is where my slight fear of Saturday nights started, after I spent five years living in Cardiff City Centre and seeing sights like this most Saturday nights. And Friday nights. And Wednesday nights, for that matter. And, of course, hearing teenagers sobbing and arguing outside my bedroom window at 2am. But I did kinda like it, in the sense there was always life outside my window. So why go any further?

These pics are part of a gallery that a photography student is having exhibited in London. One of my flatmates used to also take random pics of drunk people on the streets of Cardiff. Then he graduated to video – and there’s a classic one where he’s filming two very drunk women arguing with a bouncer, and then they slowly turn to camera and shout “WHAT THE F**K DO YOU THINK YOU’RE LOOKING AT?”

Also covered in BBC News Wales

When did my occasional beer become a wifebeater?

When did my occasional beer become a wifebeater?

When I first started drinking as a professional young urbanite, Stella Artois was one of my usual beers of choice, in the absence of any other compelling options (well, it was Fosters for a while before I had a terrible night on them). It tasted alright, and its’ advertising association with European film didn’t hurt either.

I do however recall that when I first went to a Cardiff pub in 2001, my request for a Stella was generally poo-poo’ed upon by my mate at the bar. I wasn’t too sure why – maybe it was too pretentious a beer for Cardiff perhaps?

Fast forward to November 2007, and of all sources, it’s the BBC’s Newsnight that informs me that Stella Artois is now in fact the beer of choice for your average young drunkard out to cause trouble and trip over innocent cyclists. But when did this happen? and why?

They speculate that it may well be due to the high alcohol content of the beer – which would help to explain my inability to stand by the bar all night.

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