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25 random facts…

25 random facts…

Since I’ve been tagged by a few friends on Facebook and elsewhere, I thought I’d try to come up with 25 random facts about me:

  1. One of my first websites was lauded by Microsoft, Yahoo and the BBC. Of course, this was back in 1997.
  2. I’ve been in Stephen Fry‘s bedroom
  3. I love peas. Love them. If I had a big enough freezer, all my stir fries would come with peas included.
  4. I also love snow – the way it can make a city like London be frozen, cold and yet clean and crisp. Of course, I’ve never had to go to work in the middle of a blizzard.
  5. I also love the cold. It awakens the senses, keeps everything sharp. Then again, I’ve never had to walk to work during a very very cold snap.
  6. Ben Elton thinks I’m a wanker. Long story.
  7. In my younger days, the only time I cried at a film was during E.T.’s resurrection.
  8. Unfortunately, these days, any old thing can set my eyes moist. A moving montage, a soaring piece of music…
  9. This may be why I don’t really go to the cinema any more. In 2008, I managed four trips. and one of them was to the terrible Indiana Jones movie.
  10. My favourite film is Brazil, a tale of a man who battles bureaucracy by going insane.
  11. I’ve worked in the BBC, in four different places, over ten years – with a lot of time off for good behaviour.
  12. Emma Freud is the best Radio 1 DJ that ever existed, IMHO. and she gave me an online snog once.
  13. I am petrified of zombies. Terrified of them.
  14. and crabs. Crabs will take over the world. You mark my words.
  15. I hate unfriendly people.
  16. I love living in London, full of unfriendly people. Go, as they say, figure.
  17. When I’m sat on my sofa, I wish I was in the pub.
  18. When I’m in the pub, I wish I was sat on my sofa.
  19. Chef Ainsley Harriott gripped my thigh once.
  20. So did Pet Shop Boys lead singer Neil Tennant
  21. I once tried to bore a friend to sleep by summarising every single Doctor Who episode ever broadcast. It didn’t work. She’s still my friend.
  22. I wore a kilt once. Loved it.
  23. I can’t stand sour foods. Salt and vinegar crisps are the devil’s condiment of choice.
  24. I haven’t programmed a computer in years. Must learn again.
  25. I was once asked to take part in a local carnival as a Chinese person on the grounds that I didn’t need any make-up…
  26. I used to be terrible at cooking. I couldn’t even make a bowl of cornflakes properly.
  27. People seem to confide in me. I have no real idea why, but I like it.

So… go and write 25 random facts about you in *your* blog!

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