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It’s been…

In 1991, I was …
1. was still in mid Wales, tracing railway journeys on a handy map to get out.
2. doing my A-level maths homework
3. hanging out at the bus shelter with Carrie and Vicki, watching them smoke banana skins
4. banging the headlight of my desklamp whilst doing my A-level maths homework while listening to fantabulous (and new) Radio One FM, which had only just reached mid-Wales.
5. doing my A-level maths homework (again!)

In 1996, I was…

1. Having Russ Meyer movies on the tv in the background while finishing my final year projects
2. Met Stephen Fry twice.
3. Encoding the Doctor Who (1996) movie trailer on a Pentium 90 MHz computer, then putting it on the university servers. It lasted 24 hours before the bandwidth issues forced the sys admins to take it down.
4. Putting on the worst smile in the world at my graduation (I *hate* big ceremonies)
5. Dreaming of getting a job in London, and getting as far as Gerrards’ Cross – the only town in the UK with *two* BMW showrooms.

In 1997, I was …

1. Was living in Wembley, commuting to Gerrards Cross
2. Reading Doctor Who: The Dying Days on the commute up. God, that was a good book.
3. Staying up past Portillo to watch a “monumental change” in British political history, watching Tony Blair take the keys at Number 10 and seeing my bosses look thoroughly depressed the next day.
4. Spending Thursday nights playing Quake with work colleagues, then retiring to a Gerrards Cross hostelry for beer and a gorgeous yummy Stilton burger.
5. Watching the whole death-of-Diana thing unfurl around me in the British media, but not in real life. Even though I lived in London.
6. Saw the Pet Shop Boys performing for the first time at Pride’97, surrounded by gay boys snogging away with gay (whatever else) abandon. And then at a Stonewall benefit gig at the Royal Albert Hall.

In 1999, I was …

1. Living, working and loving London with some cool-ass friends.
2. Saw my big huge fat face on the cinema screen for the first (and last) time. (Watch the trailer for Rogue Trader)
3. Saw The Matrix. And had my faith in cinema reaffirmed, if only briefly.
4. Left a staid government organisation strugging to cope with the vagarites of new media, for one of the most corrupt dotcoms in Europe. But I didn’t know that at the time.
5. Went to Edinburgh to see in the Millennium

In 2001 …

1. Work moved from Mayfair to a swanky office in the heart of Soho, opposite a brothel.
2. Then it announced a cash crisis and got rid of most of its staff, and moved to the Docklands. In six months.
3. Got made redundant with a huge cheque, but I was the last man standing so no big huge leaving party.
4. Left my fiancee. Sorry, Sue.
4a. Spent six months unemployed playing Civilisation II, watching Countdown, occasionally going to the gym and watching 9/11 unfurl from a Hammersmith gym.
5. Found a job at the end of the year, and moved to Cardiff to start it.

In 2004

1. Was getting the hang of this blogging malarky
2. Living, working and occasionally drinking in Cardiff
3. Stumbled across crews filming Doctor Who every so often
4. Work sent me to my first (and last) work conference, SXSW with Mark Boulton. Went on a mini-tour of the US afterwards, seeing friends in California, Arizona, Seattle and St. Louis
5. The year ended on an inexplicable downer.

In 2005, I …

1. Met Miss R
2. Got severe tonsilitis.
3. Watched the first new season of Doctor Who with a stupid grin on my face and the occasional tear. Sometimes with Miss R.
4. Went to Egypt, New York, Vietnam and Cambodia with Miss R. Oh, and Essex, London, Edinburgh…
5. Got engaged to Miss R in New York

In early April 2006 I …

1. Saw Failure to Launch with Miss R
2. Got my redundancy papers, and more bad news
3. Saw V For Vendetta.
4. Fell for the April fool about Coldplay teaming up with David Cameron of the Conservative Party… It was an April fool, wasn’t it? Remarkably consistent one, though.
5. Had my headache obliterated with some Indian food, thanks to Anni. But it came back.

By the end of 2006, I’d

  1. Been made redundant
  2. Moved in with Miss R in North Wales
  3. Signed on at the job centre
  4. Joined the local film club
  5. Watched a lot of Top Gear

In 2007, I:

  1. found a job. Hurrah!
  2. Nipped to Barcelona for the weekend. As yer do.
  3. Bought a Wii.
  4. Ate and drank our way across London at Easter
  5. Went to Live Earth
  6. Parents brought back a Playstation 3 for me. Nice!
  7. Realised I hated my job.
  8. Left Miss R 🙁 and moved to Manchester. Come and say hi!
  9. Sold my Wii
  10. Got a new job, which is *much* better!

In 2008, I:

  1. Shuttled between Manchesterand London every weekend for three months.
  2. Eventually had to move to Londonfor my own sanity. Will miss Manchester though.
  3. Was offered a freelance job for an obscene amount of money in Nottingham.
  4. Was in the running for a dream job at a comedy TV channel in London.
  5. Took the only actual job offer of internal corporate communications. Still there!
  6. Started chatting to a strange American.
  7. Flew to see HyperHam in July. She made me change my Facebook relationship status on Day Six.
  8. Went over again in October.
  9. Spent Christmas with my sisters.

In 2009 (apparently my lucky year), I:

  1. Carried on working at the same job.
  2. Carried on seeing HyperHam whenever I can, and making future plans.
  3. Carried on living in the same flat.
  4. Stability is bliss 😀
  5. Got slightly too excited by snow falling across London, although at least a photograph of mine finally made it onto Boing Boing
  6. Pondered over whether going to a burlesque partywas socially acceptable or not
  7. Went to a wedding in Dorset, and on the way back was invited to a threesome.
  8. Wrote an article for an internal BBC newspaper about extreme fandom – and an article for BBC News Online. Yeah, touch me.
  9. Went to New York with my sisters and HyperHam to celebrate my Mum’s 60th birthday
  10. Did something I’d never done before – gave HyperHam my passport so she can apply for a visa to move in with me!

In 2010:

  • HyperHam packed up her bags and moved into my West London flat 😀
  • Took HyperHam to Paris for her birthday!
  • got married to HyperHam
  • threw a wedding party at Shakespeares’ Globe (as yer do)
  • made a baby with her
  • changed my job via internal transfer, so I was officially a Product Lead

In 2011:

  • I became a father to lovely baby Alex
  • We took Alex to the United States to see his grandparents
  • We got “married” for the third time together
  • I went to Hong Kong for a week

In 2012:

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