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About me…

The amusing anecdotes of a reluctantly thirty-something father in London mildly obsessed by the web, film, comedy, media, pop/digital culture, people and randomness.

See how I worked with Ewan McGregor, listened to an American sing about the wrongs of circumcision to a German girl in a San Francisco hostel, or was kept awake by the sounds of mating lesbians.


As a drunken wife-of-a-friend once said: “Now that I know you, I’m getting to like you”. Read into that what you will…


Professionally, I’ve spent a good decade creating content and web sites for companies including the BBC, GMG Radio, BBC Worldwide, Granada Sky Broadcasting and World Online. Right now, I’m the Product Lead for internal BBC services, as well as writing the odd article for BBC News Online. See more on my LinkedIn profile. Needless to say, all opinions and viewpoints expressed are mine alone and not of any employer.

Personally, my friends would probably describe me as being someone with always something interesting to say that grabs their attention (for good or evil). I pride myself on my dark, dry, cynical and occasionally outrageous sense of humour. I can always see the darkly funny side of (almost) everything. Then again, if I can only see a lightly funny side in something, I’ll use that too. Whatever the tools are at my disposal.

I’ve got a little of the ol’ wanderlust in me. I’ve lived in West London, Bradford, Baton Rouge, Cardiff, Manchester, traveled all over the world (Vietnam, Egypt, Hong Kong to name but a few) and lived in the United States for a year. But I’m equally at home playing silly games and watching music videos, or reading The Guardian.


Film is an absolute passion of mine – sitting in a darkened room totally sucked into the vision or the story on-screen is just about one of the best ways to spend an afternoon. Then talking about it afterwards!

Some of my favourite films include Almost Famous, Amelie, Annie Hall, Armageddon, Brazil, Chungking Express, Clerks, Desperado, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Face/Off, Farewell My Concubine, Fight Club, Four Wedding and a Funeral, Goodbye Lenin, Hero, It’s A Wonderful Life, Jacob’s Ladder, Kill Bill 2, Last Night, Love Actually, Mo deng bao biao, One Night at McCool’s, Pulp Fiction, The Quiet Earth, Rouge, The Rock, Shakespeare In Love, The Tall Guy, Twelve Monkeys, oooh… the list goes on!

I hated Fargo, but not as much as the excrement waste produce that is Nowhere.

Here is my Internet Movie Database vote history.


I also seem to be drawn towards strong electronica music with a good beat (man), preferably with strong lyrics and strong female vocals. However, my preference for strong lyrics tends to leave out most dance tracks.

So in no particular order, my favourite artists are: Pet Shop Boys, Saint Etienne, Garbage, Kylie Minogue, Goldfrapp, Moby, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, New Order, Propellerheads, Black Box Recorder, Faithless, Snow Patrol, Robbie Williams, Queen, Daft Punk, Madonna, The Polyphonic Spree, Kosheen, Texas, David Arnold, Delerium, Royksopp, Joss Stone and Portishead. To name but a few. See what else I’ve been listening to


Mainly comedies, sci-fi and news programmes. So we’re talking Family Guy, Simpsons, Newsnight, and maybe Doctor Who. My favourite TV show of all time just has to be Spaced. Run and watch it now. Ye olde favourites who have gone up to TV Heaven include Pinky and the Brain, Frasier, Seinfeld, Red Dwarf, and News Radio.


Books I’ve read include High Fidelity, Stark, Microserfs, Things can only get better, Rebel Without A Clue, Making History.

No, not the most widely-read person on the planet, alas. For proof of that, see how many books I’ve read out of a putative top 100…


According to a non-Scientology personality test, I’m an ENFP (Extraverted Intuition with Introverted Feeling) on the Myers-Briggs test.


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