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Eternal sunshine of the scatty mind

Eternal sunshine of the scatty mind

Sorry for not entertaining y’all with words of wit and songs of erm… song but my life is currently the equivalent of four headless chickens wandering merrily down the M4 just waiting for the big truck to come and turn me into so much Kentucky Fried Chicken.

I’ve developed a pecuilar habit of suddenly mixing up my consonants, so that when I think I’m saying “sleeping like a log”, I’m actually saying “sleeping like a dog”. I did 8 hours of train travel on Monday (beat that, Joe!), and the eternal sunshine outside isn’t exactly helping. Yesterday one answerphone message gave me some slight hope for the future but of course I misintrepreted it with hilariously dubious consequences. Oh and I’ve lost my watch.

On the plus side, plans are firmly in place for a move up to North Wales for some point in early July. On the minus side, it’ll probably involve a huge convoy of truckers, and then the hunt for cheap/free furniture.

But I shall leave you with an example of just how scatty and disorganised my brain has become.

Last Wednesday, I had a meeting in London. So I jump onto the train, before realising I’ve forgotten the handy piece of paper that tells me where the meeting is. Not a problem, I think. I’ll just log onto work when I get to work and retrieve my email.

Not so simple. The computer refuses to log me in – indeed, I try three times and it locks me out of my account. The IT staff won’t accept proof of my ID unless I either fax them my ID or go up to their office in person. So no score there.

Next step – go up to reception and ask them if they know. The charming receptionist looks through all her papers but can’t find any mention of said meeting. But HQ is a big place, it might not be on the list.

Final step – call the switchboard, randomly pick the relevant department and hope the other person on the line knows where the meeting is. Thankfully, she does.

Unfortunately, it was the day after. I’d gone to the meeting a day early.


  • I turned up an Bangkok airport a day early for my flight to Hanoi. D’oh. Worked out about the same price to change my ticket as it would have to get a taxi back out, then back to the airport and stay overnight and feed myself…

  • Sir Issac Newton, I presume? 😉

  • 8 hours on a train is nothing. Hanoi to Beijing is 2 1/2 *days*. I know a few people who've done this journey. Also, the Trans-Siberian "express" is 4-5 days. A few people who've arrived here recently have done this one as well.

    In about 2 weeks I'll be getting the bus from Hanoi to Hue – 14 hours or thereabouts.


  • That's quite an achievement. Sounds like the onset of the male menopause to me… x

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