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It's taken me fifteen years…

It's taken me fifteen years…

but this morning, I did something that I haven’t done for fifteen years. It was curiously and strangely satisfying basking in the glory of the sun, getting wet and dirty with it, and I look forward to years of doing it with Miss R.

Yes, I put some of my laundry out to dry on the washing line.

Ever since I left home at the tender age of 18, joys such as hanging washing out were denied me as I lived in a succession of student, then bedsit, then one-bedroom flats in city suburbs. With no garden or back space, I had to hang my damp clothes on radiators that would slowly turn dark with damp, and wait about a week before the clothes would dry out.

But when I moved into my new temporary digs, it not only came with a cool resident landlord and a huge airy room with jungle plants and wireless internet, it also came with a garden complete with washing line. So early this morning, I was taking my clothes out of the washing machine and hanging them on the washing line, juggling clothes pegs and sagging lines in the glorious sunshine. And lo it was good, working slightly in the sunshine. I stood back, and admired my handiwork as if I had personally handcrafted the Holy Grail of washing.

Fast forward four hours later, and it’s raining in Cardiff and my clothes are probably extraordinarily damp again. Sod’s bloody law.


  • Andrew Blake

    let us see a photo of your intended

  • Skarlett

    I just do NOT understand why the clothes dryer has not become popular in the UK.
    Why do you have washing machines, but not dryers?

    Wonder what the cost of shipping a dryer to Oxford would be?

  • Nothing wuite like being outside, is there? Does the spirit good. SOrry about the rain spoiling your wash, though. 🙁

  • *pats her tumble drier lovingly*

  • It's not that we don't like tumble driers (they're a godsend in the winter and/or if you have small children) but I think we all love the smell of washing that's just come back in off the line. No chemical sheet added to the dryer can mimic it.

    Then again, I'm Welsh so what do I know 😉

  • Have you sold your computer as well as everything else?
    More posts, please.

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