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Succumbing to Big Brother…

Succumbing to Big Brother…

Ever since I had to spend the summer of 2000 avidly watching and writing about Big Brother 1 (the one with Anna the lesbian nun, Nick the evil Brit and Craig the dumb-but-handsome plumber) for work purposes (oh that glamorous summer), I’ve mostly avoided Big Brother. Especially since it stopped becoming a vaguely interesting look at a cross-section of the British population and became a freak show.

However, this year, interest seems to have really peaked all around me. People keep sneaking into the office with the big TV to watch Big Brother 2006 – because there are two Welsh-language-speaking contestants on it. Although the Welsh gossip network has already informed me that Glyn is actually a nice, quiet and shy boy in real life – then again, I’m not too sure flamboyance would do you much good in Blaenau Ffestiniog.

In a hugely controversial move (well, controversial if you’re in Wales – the rest of the UK couldn’t give a monkeys I’d imagine), Big Brother stopped the two of them from speaking in Welsh (their natural language) to each other.

So there was I, quietly shaking my head at people trooping in and out of the big TV-office just because there happened to be two Welshlanguage-speakers on Big Brother. While secretly hating Lea – a former 22-stone woman who’s had multiple plastic surgery, apparently has the biggest boobs in the UK and says she hates fat people.

Then I get home for the weekend, where my sisters gleefully inform me that, of all things, a British-Chinese woman is a Big Brother contestant.

Bloody hell. Now this is progress. I’ve got no idea what she’s like – whether she’s a future Jane Goodey or a future Anna, but by Jove I’ll have to follow her progress, and probably vote for her to stay each time. If I ever find the time. 14 days till I have to move all my worldly belongings into a storage room and a front room!


  • I can’t believe they stopped him speaking Cymraeg, that’s so rude! Lisa I love coz of her straight-talking, wish she would find the volumn control though.

  • I think Lisa (the British Chinese girl) is okay – bit bolshy though, which could get annoying…

  • I’m just relieved there are other people like me who get sucked in and are willing to admit it publicly!

  • Skarlett

    you vote?!?!?
    Do you vote for Pop Idol too?

    Is this a Brit thing I'll have to try and learn to understand?


    By the by-bring your laptop bag with you on Saturday-I didn't pack one.

    Also-your laptop has been busy traveling-from LA, to London, to Oxford, and tonight we are in Paris.

  • Never mind Bog Brither, there's enough drama right here in the comments. We're all agog – who is Skarlett, why are (s)he and your laptop going around the world and where are you meeting on Saturday?

    Enquiring minds need to know! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Erm… right. I've, um, read the earlier post and I think it's a little clearer now.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along, that's right, move along now…

  • Arcane Thrust

    The only credible solution to the Big Brother Problem is: Melt all of the contestants into a large amorphous mass, then stick it on Trafalgar Square with a flag on top so that we can all throw rotten badgers at it / them.

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