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A week in laptop computing…

A week in laptop computing…

For the last two to three months, I have been slowly agonising over precisely which laptop to buy…

Should it be the Apple Macbook Pro, which is gorgeous and slender but overpriced and lacking a right-hand mouse-button? The Sony Vaio SZ, which is again gorgeous and slender but overpriced? Or the Acer, which was relatively cheap but could be quite bulky.

Of course, what i really wanted was either the Macbook Pro, or the new AMD 64-bit dual-core processors to come out for a mobile platform. But time was ticking, and my total inability to commit to a computer platform (Mark Boulton once caught me sweating profusely in the Texan heat over whether to buy an iPod or an iPaq) wasn’t exactly going to help. I had to commit.

Monday: I suck in my gut, and place an order for a Sony Vaio SZ. It comes to about £1000 – but that’s £600 cheaper than UK prices.

Tuesday: Apple announce their new range of MacBooks, together with a price drop of the MacBook Pro to the point when it *just* becomes affordable. Although it says a lot about my wannabe-slave to the Apple design when I coo over the black Macbook for a while, before realising it’d look just about the same as any other black laptop out there.

Wednesday: My Sony Vaio SZ laptop arrives safe and sound at its temporary home. Thanks, Skarlett!

Thursday: AMD release their new range of Dual-Core 64-bit processors. Which basically means two 64-bit processors in a laptop! Gnash!

Friday: Intel are rumoured to cut prices on their Core Duo processors. Which would have made my laptop cheaper! Gnash!

Don’t you hate it when technology moves on in just five days ?!


  • Timings can suck. Happened to me last year. My 3rd-gen iPod died – or the battery did, more to the point – and I went out and got myself the iPod Photo 60GB. I’m happy with it but rather peeved that one week later the video iPod came onto the market. I’m such a boy for toys because I doubt I’d ever watch video on such a small screen – but damn it, it was the same price as I’d just paid out for something that did less (oh, when I could have had more!). Terrible, isn’t it?

    And I got a new battery for the old iPod. It works fine now. My boyfriend is making good use of it. x

  • I bought a laptop at lunchtime.

    It was obsolete by the time I got home.

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