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Nice to know UK security forces have their priorities right

Nice to know UK security forces have their priorities right

On the day that it’s reported that “a lack of resources” stopped British intelligence services from stopping the London bombings last July, it was also announced that the UK Customs and Excise, in conjunction with FedEx and the Federation Against Copyright Theft, has now trained two sniffer dogs to sniff out a new kind of dangerous contraband.

Could it be explosives? Anthrax? Free speech? No. It’s something much more evil.

DVDs. (press release from MPAA, which charmingly describes the United Kingdom as a suburb of Los Angeles)

Believe it or not, the resource-stretched police/customs/intelligence services, despite bleating that they didn’t have enough resources to stop one of the UK’s worst terrorist incidents, somehow still finds the time, money and effort to train two sniffer dogs to track down six-inch pieces of plastic. The worst of which might just contain the warblings of David Hasselhoff.

Damn, that puts a stop to my intentions to build an evil empire from the $2 I’d save buying a DVD in the US as opposed to the UK…

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  • David Hasselhoff’s albums are nothing compared to the one Steven Segal released. You can even get in (pirated) in Thailand.

    As for saving $2, you’re looking in the wrong places. I’ve bought about 40 in Hanoi at roughly $1 apiece.

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