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Interesting things have happened?

Interesting things have happened?

WARNING: This was written over 10 years ago, and I think marks the beginning of a vague attempt at a diary-style update. If you bear in mind I was 23 then and had no real idea who I was writing to, let alone about … it’s cringing to read now but I’m putting it up for archival purposes!

Well, since I last updated this page, some interesting things have happened. Most notably a General Election due to be held in 10 days time. The two main parties seem to have the same policies, so the Conservatives tend to just attack, Labour take the moral high-ground most of the time, and the Lib Dems do a sniper action on both parties. Pity really, seeing I’d vote Lib Dem if I’d actually been able to register to vote in time…

The depressing thing is that when I look at the news, all I see is election, election, election. But when I get home, no-one could give a figs’ leaf. No-one’s even trying around here. Mind you, this is one of the safest Labour constituency seats, and it’s 50% populated by ethnic minorities – and obviously no-one seems to want their vote. Mind you, my MP has come out of the closet as a Trekker, so at least he has a vague personality…

But who cares about politics? You want to know what’s happened to the Spice Girls this week! Also, apparently the primary school populace want Mel B and Scary Spice to become the next Prime Minister. John Major was challenged to name the Spice Girls, and he managed two of them (not too bad for a man of his age…). I read through the new Spice Girls book Girl Power! in 10 minutes at Woolworths, and amongst all the absolute drivel, came the gem that the girls apparently thought that their video “2 Becomes One” was a special effects extravaganza. Sorry girls, but standing in front of a blue screen, is not exactly the height of special visual effects. Your other videos were better in this regard!

Staying on music, the theme from the latest Levi advert’s been released, and it’s actually the most distinctive thing on British radio at the moment. No guitars, and no driving drum beats either – quite unusual these days. Though I have to admit, Robbie Williams’ new song isn’t too bad either. I didn’t even realise it was him, but any song that has the line “I hope to live to see the day, the Pope gets high” can’t be too bad. Pity the chances of me getting high are rather minimalistic…

The Pet Shop Boys have recently announced tour dates, which is good news. Unfortunately, they start slap-bang during the time my girlfriend’s in this country. Tough call. Also, I’ve got a wedding to go to this weekend, which is costing me a ruddy fortune. Gawd knows how much it’s costing them, but I’d wager it’s equivalent to the National Debt! Still, good luck to them – especially if they’re reading this! Which reminds me, Jo and Darren, where’s my invite to your wedding ?!

I was recently offered a job as Project Manager with Janes’ Information Group, but eventually for some unfathomable reason, I turned the job down. Still, the job I’m at isn’t too bad – the Head of Sales from BBC Books came in, and left me with enough promo material to house a folder – and I get to read books all the time. Plus I’m off to the Internet Show this week – see you there?

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