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Well, here I am…

Well, here I am…

WARNING: This was written over 10 years ago, and I think marks the beginning of a vague attempt at a diary-style update. If you bear in mind I was 23 then and had no real idea who I was writing to, let alone about … it’s cringing to read now but I’m putting it up for archival purposes!

Well, here I am back in Blighty after having been in Hong Kong for the last two weeks, at the behest of my parents. And eating humble pie, it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Some of the best food in the world (orange spare ribs are an absolute must, as are the delectable Chinese bakeries), combined with enough toys to satisfy even the jaded geek techie… Of course, one of the major problems was that my Cantonese isn’t particularly fantastic (about as good as John Redmond’s Welsh) and as a consequence, your average market trader wasn’t that keen to be friendly with me.

However, going to Hong Kong has reminded me of the fact that it still exists – something I wasn’t sure of while living in the UK! It’s England’s last great colony – you would have thought that by now there’d be whole reams of books, tapes, documentaries and so on all dedicated to the story of Hong Kong and the Opium Wars. Hell, it’s only 1997 and we’ve already got the Chronicle of the Century! But so far, all I’ve heard in terms of media coverage for 30th June 1997 is that the BBC will mount its’ biggest outdoor broadcast (though since it’ll be 4pm in the afternoon UK time, I doubt many people will see it) and China’s contributing a film called Opium Wars, about how Hong Kong was handed over to the British to begin with. However, if someone wants to throw me a book, or even guide me to a good one, I will be more than grateful!

On the music front, I find myself shamefully enjoying with great gusto Mark Owen (ex Take That)’s new single Clementine… certainly far better than his previous effort Innocent Child, or summat like that. Other new singles I like include Republica and Ready To Go, Don’t Speak by No Doubt. There’s also some kind of country & western song haunting me called Blue, which I can’t remember who it’s by or anything.

In films, England’s still catching up with the films I saw when I was in the USA over Christmas. Mars Attacks! is now out, to a hopefully better reception than the Amerikanski gave it – though if I was running Warner Brothers with the aim of making money, I wouldn’t have invested US$100m in it! As for Michael, alright it’s pathetic and annoying, but it does have a certain charm. And I like Andie Macdowell anyway.

Television may well be the drug of the nation, but it soothes my brain after a hard day Web designing 🙂 They’re showing the mini-series Asteroid at the moment on ITV, and despite the fact it’s *remarkably* similar to the film Meteor (1982) starring Sean Connery, which includes the seminal moment when they launch nuclear missles into space and fragments from the aster… sorry, meteor end up engulfing Hong Kong in a tidal wave, I liked it. Maybe it’s because I have a strange fascination for works of art where everyone dies! On the other hand, it’s good to see Michael Biene back in a leading role of some sort – he even gets to tell people to “stay cool”…

Well, that’s all for now… catch you later!

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