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And the top story in South East Wales is…

And the top story in South East Wales is…

Listening to the news on local station Red Dragon FM this morning, what was the top story?

None of those things. The top story on the 9am bulletin from Red Dragon FM was about the rise in teenagers going to self-tanning salons. Shock, horror.

You can argue it was an “exclusive” news story, but it’s hardly earth-shattering news. Unless you are only concerned about South Wales teenagers.

Oh, and I met Tom Cruise. But more on that tomorrow.


  • Red Dragon FM? Oh that brings back some memories. But excuse me, you can’t just drop a phrase like “Oh, and I met Tom Cruise.” and follow it with “But more on that tomorrow.” Well you can. But you SHOULDN’T!

  • That's funny … Our local "Metro" newspaper was full of how Glasgow teenagers are overdosing on sunbeds. Priorities. Funny things, aren't they??

  • *taps fingers impatiently on desk*

    Cooo-eee! You were going to tell us about meeting Señor Cruise, no?

  • Yeah, and is he as funny-lookin' in real life as he has been in his last movie? Did you escape with all you Thetans ( intact?

  • yes, come on…. enough about the crispy teenagers! I want to know about TC…

  • I am with Daisy….why are we waiting…

    Have the Scientologists got you or taken out an injunction against the post?

  • Orange teenagers. Hardly newsworthy. They're everywhere. What would be newsworthy is a headline like, 'teenagers abandon navy trackie bottoms with white stripes and baseball caps in favour of a completely new fashion which shows some taste, style and individuality'.

    Ah. I can dream. Bloody chavs everywhere round here. x

  • It's funny that, in our youth obsessed culture, people still go tanning. It's known to cause premature aging. I prefer to stay youthfully pasty.

    About Tom Cruise…is he as scary as he seems?

  • A friend of Lou's (a nurse) went to one of these self-tanning places and wasn't told that she should start off with maybe a 10 minute session and work her way up over a few weeks.

    She was off work for about a week with what amounts to radiation burns after staying in there for an hour. She said she had a shower when she got home and was crying in agony. Amazingly, she didn't sue.

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