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Tooth and Claw's car-crash ending

Tooth and Claw's car-crash ending

I never thought I’d see wire-fu on a British TV show, let alone Doctor Who, of all things. But there it was. And it looked spectacular. I’ve been playing it back and forth over and over again.

Spoilers live beyond here…

However, while it was a quietly impressive episode with things coming together in a sensible manner, I hated the end. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

The exposition-heavy way of introducing the whole Torchwood idea just smacked of incredibly bad script-writing. Which is one hell of a shame since the rest of the episode had fantastic elements, and was written fantastically well. But I suppose there’s no other way of introducing the Torchwood concept.

Rose and the Doctor also seem incredibly arrogant this time around. Banishment from the British Empire? Not a problem. Who cares? Apparently this may come round to bite them on the proverbial – I hope so.

What I want to know is … does Queen Vic have that werewolf alien gene? Is this a plot strand to be left for later on?


  • I'm scared to go below "here"-!

  • If Queen Victoria does have that werewolf alien gene, I'm guessing she's just far enough past the menopause to make getting pregnant again slightly awkward.

  • I completely agree with you on the ending. I thought the knighting scene was too corny for words but that's Russell T Davies for you. 'School Reunion' was the first this season which wasn't written by him and benefitted from that. The man is too contrived and too damn cheesy. He's done great things for 'Doctor Who' but he can't write a decent script for the show. Well, as yet I've not seen one of his I think to be stellar. They're always full of holes and crap dialogue. x

  • diamond geezer: that's a brilliant, hilarious point to make… Didn't they say Prince William was the one due to see the gene come out?

    MA: No, you weren't the only one. Until people started getting beaten up.

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