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The desperation of spam commenters

The desperation of spam commenters

For those of us not using our own websites to blog, the curse of the spam commentator hits us daily, with the odd flurry of computers trying to clog our comments boxes with lots and lots of spam. And they seem to be getting more and more desperate. To whit, I just got this rather long spam comment which seems almost reasonable at first:

I’m really new with Web Designing. […]

My problem is there is a network currently running in the office. … So do I need to have a separate server running NT and create my FrontPage and ASP files there? … Please help and I’d really appreciate it if u gave me step by step guidance as I’m really new.

So far so good, but then here comes the kicker:

And ones more: how can i bypass the firewall in my office to visit sites like http://adult-***.swingers***.***​ or adult personals. Thanks to whichever kind souls who are willing to help.

I know they just spam every single WordPress site at random – but really, why such a huge long one? Is anyone actually going to *fall* for this?

Ask a silly question…


  • There's a handy plugin for Word Press that learns comment spam and kills it, we use it over at Third Square, but the name escapes me at present.

  • Yes, I to have been getting loads of spam, but I have now spent some time uploading a few modules to fight the dreaded stuff, so if you running WordPress take some advice and install the lastest version and install the following plugin's
    1: Akismet
    2: Bad Behavior
    3: Mod-Rewrite Trackback Spam Blocker

    These work a treat on my WordPress installion, not had anything get though for weeks, (hope I am not going to regret saying that!) and of course I always view comments before they go live.

    Xlent site by the way !!

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