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Can you guess who it is yet?

Can you guess who it is yet?

About two weeks ago, the BBC Radio Wales programme Mousemat came a-calling, looking for strident voices in the eternal PC-vs-Mac debate. Thus, those of us with a suitable opinion in the office (including uber-designer Mark Boulton) were vox-popped for the programme.

Now, the final edited piece has hit the Internet. Mark’s carefully considered points about design and that “it isn’t wrong to pay for good design” were alas dropped, but mine and that of two or three other colleagues were left in.

I’m off for a week, dropping in on various places, so in the meantime, listen to the MP3 (less than 90 seconds) and see if you can guess which voice is mine! You will have to turn the volume up, as it seems to have lost a lot of volume in the process.

See you next Thursday!

(Does this count as my first podcast?)


  • No. Plain and simple. Otherwise my stint on Mousemat would of been classed as a podcast (which is wasn't).

  • Michael

    hahaha can't miss that vitriolic muse that is Mr W. Don't sit on the fence now.

  • No, it doesn't count as your first podcast but well done! Take it from me, you know when you've done that because your first podcast is a rites-of-passage: inevitably stumbling, mumbling, unsure, incoherent and probably not very compelling listening. Or is that just me? Nah, I've heard enough fledgling podcasts to know there's some truth in that… x

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