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Monday in London – seminars and sunshine

Monday in London – seminars and sunshine

Woke up, made it to the dullass seminar. Which, on one of the hottest days in London, you don’t want to be in.

Still, I had to go – spotted two ex-work colleagues there but they didn’t look like being in a friendly networking non-pity mode, so I let them be and listened to the delegates. Nowt I hadn’t heard before but still quite interesting.

Apart from the dullard Professor who turned up and talked about Boolean time or something like that. Reminded me just why I have so many reservations about going back to Uni.!

Left the seminar, walked around London while texting folk to see who was up for a drink in the sunshine. Only Kirsty bit – so in the meantime, walked around some more, went across the new Hungerford bridges and took lots of meaningless pictures.

Met Kirsty at Berkeley Square armed with cava – Spanish champers, apparently – and two plastic cups. And then she promptly fell asleep after a few sips. Tiring life in London!

We went our seperate ways after a while, I headed home. Was going to clean the flat up but Barry invited me in for a chat, poured me a measure of Jim Bean and before you know it I was in some kind of parallel slurring dimension… Fortunatley somehow recovered to make it to the last train back to Cardiff Central.

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