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A TV news ident that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys…

A TV news ident that sounds like the Pet Shop Boys…

Maybe it’s intensely wrong of me, but …

Whilst doing some random surfing, I found myself listening to the BBC London News ident. Thus I suddenly found myself on my desk grooving to it a la Tyres O’Flaherty in Spaced, as if it was the latest groovy Pet Shop Boys tune … can you spot the similarity, or is that just me?

Perhaps it’s an unconscious yearning to listen to some more Pet Shop Boys music. I did also find myself humming along to Jack The Lad the other day, which is not the most cheerful Pet Shop Boys song ever.

There was even a series of concerts the Pet Shop Boys did a couple of weeks ago – but nobody seems to have gone, or at least raved about it to me or told me how fab it was. Maybe it was exactly the same set as the 2006 summer concerts – but no-one’s told me yet. Although to be fair, I haven’t looked for that information anywhere beyond my email and RSS feeds… did you go?


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