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Let's prove our humanity with cute kittens!

Let's prove our humanity with cute kittens!

We’ve all had to go through those moments whereby in order to prove our humanity to a computer, blog or commenting system, we have to spot and reproduce a random stream of numbers and letters. Aside from this being dead annoying, the letters/numbers are usually tiny tiny tiny and I’ve spent a good wasted five minutes going round and round trying to get the right combination. Plus it’s a bit of a computer-esque view of humanity – are we all just a bunch of letters and numbers?

So why don’t we prove our humanity in other ways? Fortunately, someone’s come up with a kitten authentication system. Instead of typing in letters and numbers, just click on three pictures of cute kittens! And there’s no way a computer can figure out what is a cute kitten and what is an evil-but-cute ostrich… is there?

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