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The weekend with the family

The weekend with the family

Got up lunchtime-ish Saturday with a sore head. Again. Really ought to stop that.

Stumbled into Soho, was planning on just a quick walkaround …

buy stuff for Mum at Chinatown and head back out to Heathrow – but stumbled into A Taste of Soho festival, and then a new Italian/Chinese buffet. Which I *just* had to try out. Quite nice food – not much in the way of getting it yourself, but they’d keep coming out with slices of pizza, pork, steak, tuna etc. Not bad for £5!

Eventually left the buffet place, headed into Chinatown, spent ages trying to figure out what to buy for Mum before opting for a ridiculously expensive Faye Wong CD (well, at least I’d heard of her) and an impulse purchase of Hero on DVD for £51. Decisions I’ll come to regret come the credit card bill.

Headed out of town towards Heathrow, went and got the hire car. With the blazing sunshine and planes heading straight towards me every minute or so, felt like a mini-corporate scene from Fight Club.

Took me six hours of driving in blissful sunshine to drive home. Scanned through the radio stations and found myself listening to, and liking Radio 4 and Radio 5!! Am I getting too old or summat?

Got home, hung out with the family, went to bed and the next day we all assembled before heading out for the traditional and dull expensive Sunday lunch at the Tred Hotel. Which of course, I always end up paying for – although at least Sis volunteered as well this time.

“We” played mini-golf afterwards – although Mum as usual declined. It’s supposed to be her day, wish we could figure out a way to loosen her up. But hey, you can’t make a horse drink water, or summat like that.

eventually headed back home, hung out for a while, then left at 6pm for the long drive back to Heathrow. Stuck behind traffic all the way, so I barely got to Heathrow in time. Should have bought the Matrix: Reloaded CD soundtrack and just left it on the permanent car chase music to keep me going!

Of course, I got to the car hire rental and first off they insisted that the petrol tank wasn’t full – when it was, and then the mileage was all wrong. But they couldn’t amend any net bookings so let me off! Woo-hoo!

Got back, went to bed.

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