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Want to get 2m hits in two weeks?

Want to get 2m hits in two weeks?

Then forget about learning Ajax, Ruby on Rails, or even CSS. Forget about micro-marketing, niche-marketing or blog-marketing your website.

Just set up the simplest website you can think of, announce that if you get to 2m page impressions within a year, your girlfriend will go in a threesome with you for a bet, and watch the page impressions flood in. One million hits in one night. Amazing, really.


  • Not that amazing. Sex just sells…
    Makes you wonder though.

  • hmmm – bet she regrets promising that now!

    love the new look BTW

  • A million in one night? Yegads!

    *goes off to think up some saucy tales involving best friend Nina and that holiday in Paris…*

    2 minutes later
    *remembers she doesn't give a monkeys about hits*

    1 minute later
    *carries on churning out the same ol', same ol' *

  • Ok, this post has me laughing. Especially after viewing the site. So much for Ruby on Rails I guess 🙂 Hello, 2millionhits! His girlfriend is either a genius marketer in disguise secretly helping him or several underestiminating the power of sex appeal in this world.

  • I mean, but there was nothing sexy ABOUT the site. But there is definitely something sexy about THIS one now. Love the color. Very OriginalSurlyChick-esque.

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