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I get excited, you get excited too…

I get excited, you get excited too…

I was musing recently that little in film or music gets me truly excited these days.

Then I pick up a copy of Word Magazine featuring the Pet Shop Boys – a fantastic multi-page interview with the pop geniuses that makes me genuinely excited about the new forthcoming album, and even manages to connect the Pet Shop Boys to Doctor Who. (According to them, David Tennant took his stage name from Neil Tennant. Although it could just as easily have been Emma Tennant!)

Beyond the Pets, the magazine also has fantastic articles about the death of Smash Hits, great well-written reviews and reads like it’s been written by a bunch of enthusiastic journalists. It’s a little high-brow and “old” for my tastes, but finally I have a magazine that is just a little beyond reach of my current cultural experience (as opposed to way out there) that is just encouraging enough to want me to raise my cultural horizons a little. It’s an older version of Entertainment Weekly – or Heat magazine when it was *my* magazine before it went down-market and girly and sold shedloads.

Then this morning, I get the fantabulous news that the Pet Shop Boys are to gig. In a forest. and woo-hoo, there’s something FANTASTIC to look forward to. And here I am emailing my various friends hoping that they’re as excited as I am and we all get to hang out in some forest at the end of July.

Are you with me?


  • We were just talking about the PSB at work yesterday and I offered up that I can't listen to them any more. Not because I'm tired of them, heavens, no. But their songs are just so sad. That was greeted with snorts of derision and instructions to not listen to the lyrics. But I can't do that because every PSB song I know has something in it that saddens me. =(

  • I recognise a PSB song title when i see one!!

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