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Cardiff gets Metro-ized ?

Cardiff gets Metro-ized ?

When I lived in London, one of the ways in which I’d figure out what was going on in London and feel somehow connected to a city of 7m people was by picking up the free daily copy of Metro outside all the tube stations. Then I could see what was going on, and get my daily news feed as it were.

Fast forward 5 or so years, and Metro has come to Cardiff. As many people in the office have commented, I’m not too sure how this is going to work – hardly anyone I know in Cardiff uses public transport to get to work. They either drive or walk, but they don’t sully themselves with the outrageous prices charged by Cardiff Bus – the bus company that’s apparently owned by us. Pah!

I, of course, have no such compunction. Caught the bus to work this morning, and found a newspaper dispenser stuffed full of Metros. Given that this was about 10am – a time when in London, Metros would be rarer than a viable dotcom plan, this was quite surprising.

Perhaps the commuters just didn’t feel the need for a anodyne daily newspaper. Because Metro feels about as relevant to Cardiff as the New York Times. There are two pages of listings culled from the PA (spreading its net as far as that other bustling metropolis Newport), a couple of tiny news stories, and a couple of tiny interviews with artists who are “coming to Cardiff soon” – and that’s about as Cardiff as it got. For the launch issue. Oh, and a free voucher for a bottle of Japanese beer.

Still, at least I can finally catch up on the adventures of mainstream goth girl Nemi.


  • Do they still have the Metro graphic? Fond memories of chuckling over the graphic with the first brew of the day in my old job in London…..

  • They must be spreading the net quite wide, I got one on Pontypridd station this morning!

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