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Thursday in London and arcade machines

Thursday in London and arcade machines

In the last seven days I’ve been in London, mid-Wales, Cardiff – been in at least 10 pubs, got drunk 5 times and not really got anything done! Nice and easy…


After work, head down in a company car with four others to London. Get dropped off virtually outside my flat – which is nice – and then chat to my neighbour for a bit. But then he mentions his wife had some bad news, so I elect to leave them alone and head into town to join Heledd, who’s been drinking all afternoon in London with her mate, as yer do.

Naturally, I soon get as sozzled as they do – and there’s a slightly bizarre incident with Heledd and 4 men discussing blowjobs. At which point we realise that the two girls on the table behind us are listening rather intently. That could have become a great “How on earth did we meet?” convo but alas I was in the wrong position.

Post-pub, we go to one of those arcade machines, and spend ridiculous amounts of money playing pool. Turns out Kirbsy is the one who taught Heledd how to be a demon pool-player, so I had no chance either – although he did hand me some tips – like SLOW DOWN. Like I didn’t already know I needed to do that in life.

I get bored of pool, and Heledd dares me to go on the Konami Dancing Stage machine. So I do, on the gentlest setting. But once I do a karma thing and let go of my fear of being watched while dancing, I actually get into it! It’s dancing where someone tells you the exact moves to pull – and OK, I still look like a prat from the outside, but it does a damn good job of making you concentrate etc.

After that, we somehow stumble into a blues bar, and sit there drinking and making idle conversation. I intrude into a conversation/argument in the men’s toilet where I’m asked if someone really does look like Elton John or not. as yer do.

Stumble home, knowing I’ll have a hangover tomorrow…

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